Phỏng vấn học viên – Hoài Thương (Rita)

Here at CIP, we make sure that we satisfy the needs of our students. We help them reach their goals and be prepared for their future.

Check out what one of our students said about our school.

1) What made you decide to choose a language course in the Philippines?
– I initially heard about English courses in the Philippines from my friend who travelled to the Philippines. Also, I found out lots of useful information on the Internet related to good qualification courses provided by language schools here. To be honest, I tried many methods to improve my English in my country, but they didn’t work really well on me, thus I deliberately decided to give myself a new attempt for English enhancement in the Philippines.

2) What were your impressions of studying English in the Philippines?
– Going to the Philippines, I can live in an English friendly environment which most of the people here can understand & communicate in English. Besides, I’m strongly impressed by Filipino teachers. They are all kind, warm, humorous and dedicated in teaching.

3) Do you think your English improved while studying English in the Philippines?
– It’s safe to say that my Pronunciation, Listening & Speaking skills have improved a lot. I don’t have to translate English into my mother language after listening or before speaking it, but can communicate daily English conversations right away with confidence.

4) Do you think that CIP has more advantages compared with the other language schools in the Philippines?

– In my opinion, CIP has a lot of strong points compared with other language schools. Native teachers, Native Optional Group Classes and convenient transportation are the crucial reasons I decided to choose CIP. Also, I’m strongly impressed by teaching method & curriculum when I started to study here. CIP Teachers never stop their creativeness & give hard efforts to motivate students for speaking. One more thing that makes me love this place is the dormitory. It is combined with classroom & other amenities, so we can make the transition more easily & conveniently.

5) Who is your favorite teacher in CIP?
– I love all my teachers, It’s really hard for me to choose only one or two favorite ones. Every teacher has a unique style in teaching & conveying English knowledge to me. Classes are always full of fun & fascinating experience.

By the way, I would like to express my gratitude to all of them: Teacher David, Teacher Scott, Teacher Rob, Teacher Gary, Teacher Jessi, and Teacher KJ. I respectfully appreciate their generous effort & help with my English improvement.

6) Did you make many friends while you were here?
– First days at CIP were tough time to me. It seemed that everything didn’t run as well as I expected because of bad weather (storm) and unfamiliar environment. However, I felt better when I started my official classes, and then had a lot of friendly foreign & Vietnamese friends. We shared funny stories, learnt more about cultural differences, and hang out together. All these simple things remind me of previous beautiful school time which I never forget. I feel fulfilled while studying English in CIP.

7) Do you think you learned a lot from your native English teachers while studying English in the Philippines?
– Native English teachers are wonderful mentors helping me to practice my pronunciation & listening. They corrected my mistakes and guided me to think in English to increase my reflection. I also learned a lot about Western cultures, life lessons from them.

8) Please share your good memories from your time at CIP
– Choosing English course in the Philippines is a right choice which I have never regretted. Studying periods here helps me not only to enhance my English skills, but also to realize valuable things in life, such as positive thinking, simple happiness and open-minded tolerance, etc.

For me, the best speciality in the Philippines is a smile. Smiles are contagious & almost always reciprocated with smiles. The beautiful image of sharing smiles between people and people in CIP is the most remarkable memory when I stayed there. Just smile, and the whole world smiles with you.

9) Have you recommended English language schools in the Philippines to your friends?
– I have no reason to hesitate to introduce English language schools in the Philippines to my friends if they ask me for an advice to develop their English.

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