TOPIC:  A person’s worth

I tend to agree with idea that a person’s value is judged by social status and material possession. There are two reasons why I do not to totally agree with the idea; Importance of an old-fashioned value and its new standards. I believe old-fashioned value is still very important and also dispatching information and obtaining sympathy could improve its value these days. At first, people who have a high social status with great assets are usually considered as “Successful people”. For example, a president of a rapidly growing company is reported by media very often and is envied by people. Their knowledge of economic is obviously precious and valuable. However, If he does not have any old-fashioned values his glory days will be broken easily even into small impact. At the same time, there are some people who are also called “Successful people” because of their won talent, like Youtuber or Influencer. They enhance their status these days. Their talent usually attracts a lot of people. In my opinion, these are getting important and popular in recently or these abilities such as dispatching information and obtaining sympathy. Secondly. regarding Public Opinion Survey concerning People’s Lifestyles in Japan, The importance of old-fashioned value has increased to think that it more important to live with a room in mind than wealth since 1980. Moreover, the earthquake in 2011 was the opportunity for so many people to think about our life and how we spend i and a lot of couples decided to get married to stay with their love-ones. In conclusion, I partly agree with the idea, But i believe old-fashioned values are still important and evaluation standard is changing continuously.

#CIP- Trường Anh ngữ số 1 Philippine về giáo viên bản ngữ lớp 1:1.

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