IELTS Speaking Test Day 44: Restaurant

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IELTS Speaking Test Day 44: Restaurant

Part 2

Describe a restaurant where you often go to.

  • What the name of the restaurant is
  • The location of the restaurant
  • Why you often go there
  • Explain what is special about this restaurant
Part 3
  1. What are the ways for Chinese to learn cooking?
  2. Do you read books which teach you how to cook?
  3. What kind of recipe book is useful to people?
  4. Do you like fast food?
Sample Answers
Part 2

I often go to a restaurant named “Wonderful Hot Pot”. It is near my home. When you first enter the restaurant, you will be attracted by the good facilities and surrounding. It is clean with classical furniture. Besides, there are all kinds of delicious food in the restaurant. Some food is different from that in other restaurants. Moreover, service there is excellent. Waiters and waitresses there are all young people with good looking and sweet smile. They will come to you quickly when you need them. Their sweet voice and good manners, which cannot be seen in many small restaurants, have conquered many consumers. I like “Wonderful Hot Pot”. Having dinners there with my friends is a kind of enjoyment.

Part 3
  1. In most cases, we learn cooking from our parents, sometimes from friends or neighbors. Besides, some people attend special classes to learn cooking.
  2. Yes. I read cookery books in libraries and bookstores, and I can learn to cook my favorite dish.
  3. It’s hard to say. It depends on one’s taste and needs. I read books with clear instructions.
  4. No. I prefer Chinese food because I think the fast food is junk food.

Source: IELTS Master of Speaking
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