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IELTS Speaking Test Day 28: Skill/Handcraft

Part 1
  1. Do Chinese people like to learn new skills?
  2. What skills do you mean?
  3. What’s the best age to learn new skills?
  4. Are you interested in new skills?
  5. What have you learned recently?
Part 2

Describe something which was made by you.

  • What you made
  • When you made it
  • Why you made it
  • Explain how you felt after it was finished
Part 3
  1. Do Chinese people like to learn new skills?
  2. What are they interested in?
  3. What is the best age to learn new skills?
  4. Are you interested in new skills?
Sample Answers
Part 1
  1. Of course, Modern society is full of competition and they have to learn new skills in order to survive
  2. We learn new technology to help promote our economic development. We learn new management skills to help make the best use of our human resources, and we learn new ideas to eliminate the old ones which are obstacles in our progressive way.
  3. When people are in their twenties, they are at their best age to learn new skills because when they are teenagers, they can’t see the importance of study, and they merely concentrate on other things except for study, When they are in their thirties or older, they will be distracted a lot due to their family, friends, and jobs.
  4. If I have the chance and capability, I’d like to learn all new skills. If I had all the skills, I could easily give people a hand in many ways, and this must be very pleasant.
  5. I’ve been studying Japanese these days, Now I become fond of it, and sometimes I can communicate with the teacher in Japanese, and it’s very interesting.
Part 2

Last year, I sent my mother-in-law a hairpin that I made. She likes my gift very much and wears it all the time. My mother-in-law only has two sons. In her family, nobody has ever talked to her about dressing up, although she likes fashion very much.

She always sends me some clothes and jewelry. As Mother’s day was coming, I planned to make a handcraft to her. I bought a clip, marbles, yellow cloth and thread from a supermarket. I shaped the clip and the cloth into the form of a flower. Then I sewed a brown marble onto the shaped cloth and connected the cloth with the clip. I used glue to make it fastened, and an elegant hair pin was made. I made this hairpin to say thanks to my mother-in-law. I should say thanks to her for she brought up my husband.

I should also say thanks to her for taking care of me for many years. When I finished my handcraft, I burst into tears. It was not expensive, but when my mother-in-law got it, she just hugged me tightly. I knew what she wanted to say. We were just like that.

Part 3
  1. Yes, I think so. Chinese people seem to look conservative to some extent, but they acquire new things, and they always get ready to learn advanced techniques.
  2. They learn advanced technology, medicine, administration, etc. from other countries. They will do some extreme sports or have some new entertainment.
  3. It depends. If a person wants to play a musical instrument, the earlier the better, but when a person grows up, he can obtain the ability to understand the new skills better.
  4. Absolutely, Learning new skills makes me have the sense of achievement. Besides that, learning a new skill can help you in some way in the future.

Source: IELTS Master of Speaking
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