IELTS Speaking Day 26

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IELTS Speaking Test Day 26: Museum/Favorite Game

Part 1
  1. Do you go to museums?
  2. What kind of museums do Chinese people like to visit?
  3. Why do people go to museums?
  4. Should people buy tickets to go to museums?
Part 2

Describe a game you liked to play when you were young.

  • How it was played
  • How it influenced your growth
  • Where you played
  • Explain why you liked it
Part 3
  1. What’s the difference between games and sports?
  2. What are the advantages and disadvantages of sports and games?
  3. Do you still play the game you mentioned just now?
  4. Did you get injured when you were playing games?
Sample Answers

Part 1

  1. Not very often, just once or twice in my memory. I just go to museums when I go traveling in another city.
  2. I guess it should be historical museum. History is very important and the museum is the perfect place for people to get to know the local history. Visiting museums actually roots in our hearts.
  3. For one thing, they like to learn about their own culture; for the other, it is very interesting to experience a totally different living environment. It must be fun to know about what kind of life our ancestors had. 
  4. Yes, I think so. Museums need to be kept in a good order. It has to offer the visitors good environment, and the museum needs money to run it pretty well.
Part 2

When I was a little child, I often played a game, which was called “Guo-Jia-Jia” in Chinese and I guess it is called “Play House” in English. There should be at least three people to play this game with. One of them plays the role of Father, and the other person pretends to be the Mother and one is the child. The Father should bear the family burden and do most of the labor work such as gathering the firewood and hunting for food. The Mother has to cook for others and look after the child at home, while the child only needs to stay with the Mother.

When I played the game, I always acted as the child. I stayed with another girl who played the role of my mother, ate the food she gave me and drank the milk she offered me. Of course, these things were not real. When Father came back, Mother began to cook for us with the things Father found and brought home. When the day became dark, the game ended too. This game kept me company though my whole childhood. Since then I have formed an idea of family. I the family every member has their own responsibility. Nobody can be totally out of it. Now I’m an adult, and it still helps me a lot. I know how to deal with others, how to survive in the society and how to do well in my job, and it seems that I benefit a lot form this game.

Part 3
  1. Games most of the time requires you to be intelligent, but sports demand people great physical health to play.
  2. Sports can make people stronger, and games can teach people how to cooperate with each other and they learn how to follow the rules of games.
  3. No, since I went to the primary school, I gave never played it again.
  4. Well, yes, just once. I slipped when walking on a metal pipe, and then I stayed in bed for a week.

Source: IELTS Master of Speaking
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