Chuyên mục học tiếng Anh #IELTS speaking dành cho các bạn tự luyện ở nhà đây^^.

Để xem các chủ đề speaking trước, bạn kích chuột TẠI ĐÂY nhé

Hầu hết chúng ta bỏ ra ít nhất 1/3 cuộc đời của mình cùng trải nghiệm cuộc sống với những người thân. Chúng ta gọi đó là : ” Gia đình”. Họ là những người dạy chúng ta và bảo vệ chúng ta với tất cả những yêu thương vô điều kiện. Rồi sau khi chúng ta lớn, chúng ta cuốn theo nhịp sống của mình, chúng ta giành thời gian cho công việc, giành thời gian cho mơ ước của bản thân. Vòng xoáy ấy cứ cuốn chúng ta trôi theo nó. Chợt nhận ra một điều quan trọng,chúng ta đã giành bao nhiêu thời gian cho gia đình? Mình và các bạn cùng chia sẻ ý kiến để luyện kỹ năng Nói nhé
Cùng luyện tiếng Anh nào  Đăng ký HỌC TIẾNG ANH ONLINE với các giáo viên giàu kinh nghiệm của CIP


family-1024x683Đăng ký HỌC TIẾNG ANH ONLINE với các giáo viên giàu kinh nghiệm của CIP

Part 1
  1. How much time do you spend with your family ?
  2. What do your parents do ?
Part 2

Describe a work of art.

  • What it is
  • Where you saw it
  • How you felt about it
Part 3
  1. How do your teachers teach painting?
  2. What kind of teachers are good at painting?
  3. Is painting a necessary subject?
Sample Answers

Part 1

  1. The only time for me and my family to have a get together is dinner time. We exchange our daily experience. On weekends, we may go to the park or go shopping together.
  2. Both of them are in business field, and they work in different companies.
Part 2

I’d like to talk about a large  Chinese character which means “Double Happiness”   that I saw on a red piece of paper. I saw it in an art gallery when I was travelling. I was shocked by the powerful strokes in the calligraphy. The most amazing thing about that piece of work was the story behind it. It was explained by the tour guide to us. In the ancient Tang Dynasty, there was a student who was on the way to the capital to attend the national examination, in which the top learners would be selected as the ministers in the court.

Unfortunately, he fell ill halfway when he passed through the mountain village. Thanks to a herbalist doctor and his daughter, he was taken to their house and treated well. He recovered quickly due to the father and the daughter’s good care. Well, when he had to leave, he found it hard to say good-bye to the pretty girl, and so did she. They fell in love. The boy told the girl that he would marry her after he finished the examination. The young girl sincerely nodded. In the examination the young man won the first place and he was chosen Minister in the court. The young man met the girl happily at home and they soon get married. For the wedding, the couple DOUBLED the Chinese character “HAPPY” together, on a red piece of paper and put it on the wall to express the happiness.

Part 3
  1. Teachers teach students how to paint step by step. For example, they will hang a painting on the blackboard and then they will draw the sketch and ask the students to follow.
  2. A qualified painting teacher is good at motivating students’ interest. When a student’s potential is generated, he will be full of imagination. Excellent artists cannot be taught with traditional ideas.
  3. I guess so. Students learn to observe objects or events clearly. Besides, painting is a kind of relaxation for students.

Source: IELTS Master of Speaking
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