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Many people like reading books. They even take reading as a part of their life. Nowadays, technology is progressing fast. More and more people are getting used to reading e-books instead of paper books because they are very simple and easy to purchase by downloading them through the internet. In contrast, it also causes the decline in paper books.

There are several reasons why e-books are so popular. Firstly, E-books are delivered almost instantaneously. You can purchase, download and start reading them without leaving your chair. Secondly, no trees are required to manufacture paper for the pages of e-books. Thirdly, E-books are portable. You can curry a whole library of hundreds of books with you on your smartphone without worrying about their weight.

However, some people point out the three disadvantages of why they do not like e-books. One is “Tactile Loss”. They like to feel and smell books. It will make them lose interest in reading and they do not know how to use modern device, especially the elders. Another is “Lending Loss”, where they cannot lend their books to who they want, because only paid users can download and read it. The last is “Library Loss”. They want a library that will last forever. Imagine that if there were no libraries to provide students or people a good environment for reading, it would be a disaster.

In conclusion, even though e-books are very convenient and environment fiendly, some habits or customs of readers are not easy to be changed. It still depends on them.


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